Meaningful Conversation About Jesus Christ

I believe that mature believers in Jesus Christ can engage in meaningful conversation and controversy even with people of different beliefs without compromising or contaminating their own beliefs. I believe that our convictions and faith are stronger than theirs and will prevail, and that we can have debates and conversations without fear and hate. This can happen not only in religious matters, but in all the ideas that we have. I believe that this can happen today, as it happened in the time of Jesus Christ.

But remember, of course, that this can only be a reality when you are mature. Only a mature person can receive and accept the truth, no matter what the cost. Because the truth might cost you everything!

Sometimes the truth will expose the lie that we are living, and will force us to change what we believed to be true.

There is a saying that you are either a practical man, or a hard man. If you're a practical man, it's going to hurt to change for the truth. But, if you're a hard man, it's going to hurt anyway!